Abbreviation of "Dan's a smackhead". Used widely during the period 1988-1992 to express the (entirely apocryphal) belief that Vice-President Dan Quayle was addicted to heroin.
You reckon danza smack? Na - he's just a conservative.
Top Definition
a blow delivered to the face, specifically a smack with a limp penis
i danza smacked foglyano upside the head
by shoooot December 16, 2002
slapping a woman in the face with a floppy penis or a rock hard erection for the purpose of degrading the woman
After I gave Leslie my brozule, I danza smacked John in the eye wqhile he was sleeping
by Mr. Delicious February 28, 2004
A hit given directly to the face, normally given by a flaccid cack
Foggy loves it when I give em' the ol' Danza Smack!
by ekip February 09, 2003
The beating of a woman's face by an erect wang chung. Named after Tony "charles in charge" Danza's porno film shananagins.
Young Douglas danza smacked a bitch who didn't swallow.
by Mathew Douglas February 23, 2004
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