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Adj.- Used when describing really potent/dank weed. Only used on special occasions when extremely good bud comes around.
Group of stoners: Damn, i can smell that all the way from over here!

Carrie: I know, Its some danky ass bud!

Group of stoners: Pass that shit!

Carrie: Only if you can hang with me .. ;)
by Stoney McGee April 11, 2007
high potent marijuana that gets you really fucked up
damn im ripped off those dankies
by d@d@nkM@n February 15, 2005
that pizza was danky
by dankynesss March 07, 2009
Just a bit too dank.
The chocolate cake was dark, rich, and smothered in fudge -- a bit danky for Brendan's tastes.
by Andy June 25, 2003
'Dankies' or 'Danks' referring to any amount of dank nugget, the kind of bud that Snoop Dogg calls "sticky icky icky"
Yo whats up man, got any dankies?
by Happle Apple January 13, 2005
to be thin and tall gracefully

opposite of lanky
dayna got so danky recently
by ddankygirl January 21, 2010
awsome, cool, crazy
to teabag at a sausage fest

yo man that shit is so danky.

i cant wait to get danky with mike
by ten00b April 15, 2009

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