a type of marijuana
"man, let's go get some dank nugs."
by truschy November 23, 2003
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A particularly potent form of marijuana that gets one intoxocated well and/or quickly
Me and Jeff got so high form Sam's dank nugs
by Jack Quinn October 16, 2005
1. Very potent weed.

2. School cafeteria chicken nuggets; must be soggy, and grey on inside.
1. Dave: Smoked some totally dope dank nugs last night.
Tom: That's so key, bro. Totally bomb.com Wanna fuck?
Dave: Naw, dawg.

2. Nicole: Eww, you got those dank nugs? Just don't look inside after you bite one.
by retrocheese October 18, 2011
really good weed, usuallly sticky and wet. Dank nug or die.
You got that dank nug?
yeah bro dank nug or die!
by ryancerronedanknugordie February 17, 2011
A pair of words used to describe delicious Chicken McNuggets from Mcdonalds.
Dude, lets go to Mcdonalds so I can get some Dank Nugs!
by StuE95 May 25, 2015
Something or someone that is cool.
"Dude that's dank nug."
by Carter P. June 25, 2008
When you the cafeteria is serving popcorn chicken and you get a huge chicken nugget
I just got back from the cafeteria and the lunch lady gave me the some dank nugs ive ever seen. they are the dankest ive ever seen.
by mike heyne January 06, 2008
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