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Used to describe excitment,something cool or "hip". Often used by "Chester" to describe his cheetos. Can be used in place of off da hizzle.
Me: "Yo Matt Fizzle..i jus hooked up with that fly pigeon"
Matt Fizzle: "That chick is dangerously cheesy dogg!"
by H-DoGG February 18, 2005
When something is both cheesy and dangerous. Refers to the Cheetos commercials starring the lovable Chester Cheetah, which promoted snacks that were "dangerously cheesy."
Bobby Evans: Then the redneck dad goes "Oh, that's right, I let your brother borrow the truck."
Davo: That joke was so cheesy.
Bobby Evans: Dangerously cheesy.
by HugeBreasticle April 02, 2005
A synonym for an STI that induces cheese-like secretions.
Cornelius: "Yeah I'm going over to Jen's house."
Jordan: "Be careful dude, I heard she's dangerously cheesy.."
by laurathealien September 29, 2009