Used to describe excitment,something cool or "hip". Often used by "Chester" to describe his cheetos. Can be used in place of off da hizzle.
Me: "Yo Matt Fizzle..i jus hooked up with that fly pigeon"
Matt Fizzle: "That chick is dangerously cheesy dogg!"
by H-DoGG February 18, 2005
Top Definition
When something is both cheesy and dangerous. Refers to the Cheetos commercials starring the lovable Chester Cheetah, which promoted snacks that were "dangerously cheesy."
Bobby Evans: Then the redneck dad goes "Oh, that's right, I let your brother borrow the truck."
Davo: That joke was so cheesy.
Bobby Evans: Dangerously cheesy.
by HugeBreasticle April 02, 2005
A synonym for an STI that induces cheese-like secretions.
Cornelius: "Yeah I'm going over to Jen's house."
Jordan: "Be careful dude, I heard she's dangerously cheesy.."
by laurathealien September 29, 2009
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