Quite possibly the shittiest band ever.
Guy 1 - Whats that strange noise? It sounds like someone is choking on a dick.

Guy 2 - Oh thats just my sister listening to the new danger radio cd. She likes to listen to it while she cuts.
by youmightknowme March 19, 2008
Top Definition
a kick ass band that plays kinda an emo rock. they are awesome, and totally cute. they are so good that people might wanna steal your radio to listen, and that is why they are dangerous in the radio. i love danger radio, and you should too !
A: i went to an awesome concert last nite !
B: who did you see ?
A: i saw danger radio at sonar ! they played great and we got to meet them and everything!
B: im so jealous. sounds like you had the BEST night ever.

Danger Radio is a fantastic musical group.
by Stacy Johanson March 23, 2008
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