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A group of 2 or more gay lions.
Little boy: Mommy, look at the dandy lions!
Mom: No Coleman, he's just...err...umm.. scratching his friends back. (Nervously pulls son over to look at the monkeys instead)
by bigbadmama January 25, 2011
A.) a male slut with no nerve.
B.) a male slut who sleeps with and then leaves females high and dry with no care for the woman as a person.
C.) an unstable male who walks the streets believing planet earth is a giant, free or one-drink-minimum, red light district.

Root words:
1.) Dandelion - nuisance weeds that deplete good soil by spreads their seed wherever their wind blows.
2.) Cowardly Lion - a Wizard of OZ character who proclaimed he was a dandy-lion because he lacked the nerve of a lion and was instead a mouse. "I'm afraid there's no denyin' / I'm just a dandy-lion / A fate I don't deserve / I'm sure I could show my prowess / Be a lion, not a mouse / If I only had the nerve."
1.) Random men who have delusions of grandeur believing they too will receive fame, fortune and/or popularity for sleeping with as many women as the superstar, sex symbol and philanthropist, George Clooney.

2.) Michael "The Situation" Sorrentino, a vain Guido reality star who is known for plighting women's only true value as being sex objects. He is perceived by Non Dandy-Lion's as mentally and sexually unstable as well as emotionally abusive to the female gender.
by Zeke Lahr September 27, 2011
Lions that are extremely happy or playful.
Fred and I went to the zoo and saw some dandylions there.
by garr8skot January 21, 2009
a girl who acts tough but is really just insecure and sad
Joe: What is betty doing? why is she hurting all those girls?

Mike: Aww, shes just being a dandylion
by XxxxomgxxxX January 31, 2010
An older gay who scopes out bars for younger gays. Thus, the homosexual equivalent of a cougar.
"You don't pick dandelions, Phil. The Dandy Lions pick you."
by Arashmin2BecauseItWontLetMeLog November 27, 2009
The act of ejaculating in a condom, removing said condom, puncturing a hole at the tip, then slapping a sexual partner(s) in the face with the condom.
Omg, after sex I dandylioned that whore Joanna!! There was cum everywhere!!!!
by J. Mateos June 14, 2008
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