1. An unsatisfying prelude to a sexual act.
2. An attempt to move one's body to the rhythm of music, resulting in a convulsion like motion that induces the laughter of those in close proximity to the "dancer".
The acts seen at grade-school dances. The awkward moments experience in nightclubs. That which some consider "dancing", looks to the rest of us like an uncontrolable spams of the apendages.
by Bethany Home April 04, 2006
The act of wildly gesticulating like an ass in a vain attempt to attract someone of the opposite sex.
He took her dancing on their first date, and she dumped him that night.
by BrittOmnRex December 22, 2005
wanking. jerking off. masturbating with vibrators or hands.
"Zoe said she was too busy dancing to come out to the pub and play cribbage"
by Babezzzzzzz April 11, 2010
To be on drugs/enjoying drugs.
I'm dancin', bitch. Dance with me!
by Tako May 31, 2005
An adverb used to intensify a word such as good, or another positive adjective.
That was a dancing good muffin!

That song is so dancing awesome!
by zippo364 December 06, 2005
The single most retarded activity ever conceived of by human beings.
OMG dancing is so stupid.
by fuck Mtv April 07, 2005
Frollocking on acid.
Yo mother fucker, I am dancing.
by FUCKWHORE September 02, 2003
Dancing is another term for Anal Sex
Let's go dancing tonight
by Cooper Oil Tool October 06, 2007

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