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A dancefight is when a plural amount of people engage in combat without violence, but with sheer intensity of mind, motion and rhythm. The opponents must stare at each other and walk towards each other many times during the fight. They can push at times, but if any further contact occurs it must be in the name of dance. Any punching, kicking and flipping must be at air, rather than flesh.
You Got Served has some of the best dancefighting scenes since the Michael Jackson's Beat It video.
by The Boz October 26, 2006
A Violent Version of the mosh, most commonly used @ the breakdown or particularlly heavy part of most Hardcore Songs.

With moves such as

1. 2 stepping (similar to the ska's skank)
2. Windmilling (The wild flailing of the arms)
3. Spin Kicks (a Chuck norris styled Kick)
4. Floor Punches (Looks like your punching the floor)
5. Pick Up Change ( it just looks that way)
6. BACK FLIPS! (that speeks for it self)

Its Bacially A small war, where no one is intetionally hurt (unless crew related or the person cant do this correctly, or even if the crowd isent dancing)
Dancefighting is commonly seen at Lamb Of god Concerts, NYHC shows, and even AFI shows!
by Siok!1r December 18, 2005

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