Slang term for a amature boxing tornument held between co-workers, roommates, shipmates etc. to settle arguments before they can manifest into grouges. As long as name or dogtag is in the fighters tin, any man/woman may call up an challenge another.
"these damn flyboys keep giving me shit someones engine might just break"

"dude just settle it at the dance"
by Jethro..................... July 10, 2008
a euphemism for fucking that men use to lure girls into conversation, contact, and eventually intercourse. often used at a club or party
hey baby, you wanna dance?
by t-CONvict February 21, 2006
movements put to music or a rythem, whether aloud or in your head
I get this crazy feeling inside of me when i hear the music, and the rythem inside of me starts pumping and i know that i gotta just get up and dance!
by dancindiva January 30, 2005
the quite wrong term for moshing at shows nowadays. When you go to a show, and swing your arms around, do spin kicks, punch the ground, and bring the motherfucking ruckus to the little kids, and throw the shit down.
"yo brah, lets go to that hardxcore terror/unearth show and dance"

"yo lets dance and piss off the teachers and principal when we get to the talent show tonight"
by bumbubmlee April 18, 2006
Verb: An Americanized form of martial arts in action. This consists of odd movement, usually coinciding with the beats of music. Though, many homeless people do it without music. The instant you see someone do this, they are preparing to attack, therefore you should immediately rush them before they strike.
"Hey, do you wanna dance?"
"You threatin' Clair?! Now you die, mothafucka!"
by Bucket Life October 01, 2007
Movement to music which the 99.9 % of heterosexual men hate to do. Men only dance becasue girls/chicks/birds nag them to do it and occasionally with hold sex if they don't.
I fucking hate dancing but I want to get in this chicks pants so I better go dance with her.

I can only dance when I'm totally tanked.

I'd rather hang out at the back with the boys and drink rather than looking like a homo on dance floor.
by Dundasian February 06, 2005
an art done with the body, usually accompanied by music; a hobbie for girls and feminine, gay guys; think they're better than eveyone else
Girl 1 (a dancer): Oh, I do the toughest sport ever, I am truly talented compared to any of you.
Girl 2 (non-dancer, lacrosse player): Wait...don't you dance?
Girl 1: Yep.
Girl 2: that is so not considered a sport.
Girl 1: Well it should be.
Girl 2: Why? It's an art, a hobbie! NOT a sport!
(Girl 1 walks away crying.)
by shoveit29 January 18, 2010

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