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A Moldovian musician, singer and composer. He became famous in the group called O-Zone, they had great success with songs such as: Dragostea Din Tei, Despre Tine, or Numai tu. Actually, he has a new album called Crazy Loop and a new band called Balan.
Dan Balan sings songs such as The 24th letter or Crazy Loop or Johanna Shut Up.
by Vanesa or LadySwan January 27, 2008
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Writer and composer of the "Numa numa song", also known as Dragostea din tei, and ex member and founder of the band O-zone. Dan now succesfully pursues a solo carreer under his own name and a europop project where he is named "Crazy Loop". He is the son of TV host Ludmilla Balan.
Dan Balan is the most famous man from Moldova.
by CrazyLoop December 11, 2008
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