a homosexual's alternative to the expression "damn straight" meaning "definitely" "correct" or "fo sho"
Gay: "I've heard many offensive expressions in my lifetime but none as bad as 'damn straight' it's just annother way to bring the gay man down"
Straight: "ummm will you suggest an alternative?"
Gay: "how about...... damn gay!"
by A.O. is a homo February 05, 2008
Top Definition
the same as damn straight, except used for homosexuals.
Person: That is amazing, look at his body!
Person: Damn gay!
by Marcus A. February 24, 2005
"Damn gay" means the exact same thing as "damn straight" (i.e., word up, that's right, etc.), except that the term "damn gay" can be easily used by homosexuals or referring to homosexual actions, etc.
Situation A)
Lesbian I: Holy crap, she is so hot!
Lesbian II: Damn straight! Only... not... *awkwardness*


Situation B)
Lesbian I: Holy crap, she is so hot!
Lesbian II: Damn gay! *note lack of awkwardness*
by Maianess August 27, 2007
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