1. (n) the devil's son. 2. (n) the spawn of Satan. 3. (n) a major tool. 4. (n) a person who no one would ever let take care of an animal, or any living thing for that matter. 5. (n) the least liked of all God's saints
Don't play with Damion, he drinks the blood from dead squirrels.

"Man, Kevin is such a tool!" "I guess you've never met Damion, he's a complete douche bag."

Why is Damion kicking that dog?! Oh yea, cause its Damion.
by my itchy butt hole May 26, 2012
Top Definition
Always in the lead and is most likely the one to cry out "Let's Go"! Noble and Fearless, Damion is respected for his courage, even from those working against him.
Do not ever cross a Damion.
by Tiger1313 February 03, 2010
a hottie that belongs with me-we're both hot and steamy
hot people rock
by bitch bob January 13, 2004
The most handsome guy ever! He has a heart of gold under His tattooed jaded exterior. His laugh is contagious .He can grow a full beard In less than 3 days. He wont let you stare into his eyes for too long, he fears reject. He is an awesome cuddle buddy and best friend. Anyone who is lucky enough to cross his path will never forget his Story telling ability!!
"Whoa look at that Damion!"
by damionsheart October 13, 2013
1. The spawn of Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil.
2. God's least favorite Saint
3. a tool, asshole, and douche bag
4. Someone who should never be trusted around animals and young children.
"This is easier then when I steal candy from babies"-originally said by Damion while he was robbing a bank.

"I need a dog-sitter, do you think Damion will do it?" "Do you want your dog back alive??"

"Look guys, I'm doing the Damion!!" said while whipping a toddler in the face with his dick.
by your bleached asshole May 29, 2012
a gay fag who dumps his girlfriend/boyfriend for no reason and has two personalities.
omg! he dumped you, just like that? what a damion!
by imnottellinu! June 12, 2008
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