3 time Stanley Cup Champs, but only 1 in Dallas; former Minnesota North Stars; spend a lot of money to be good
The Stars are 1 of those rich bitch teams.
by Sports Freak October 20, 2003
Top Definition
The Dallas Stars came to Dallas in 1993 from the Minnesota North Stars. They won the Stanley Cup in 1999 defeating the Buffalo Sabres in 6 games. They are in the Pacific Division and Western Conference.
The Dallas Stars are defending Pacific Division champs.
by heh. why do you want to know? February 09, 2006
Best mother fucking team in the NHL, best fans, best city, best arena (American airlines stadium kicks ass (especially since theres a damn nice hooters a block away)

One of our many quirks is shouting STARS at the top of lungs whenever the word is used in the star spangle banner at the beginning of the game
douche: hey what team do you represent

Stars fan: the big D-a-double l-a-s STARS!! (dallas stars)

douche: ohh I dont like them

Stars fan: I will now be completely polite in shaking your hand and saying WHY THE HELL NOT??!!
A word we came up with when we saw a kid Dallas draw stars on his fingers. So whenever we draw stars on our hands we call them dallasstars =D
Why did you draw stars on your hands?
Cuz we saw dallas do it and now we have dallasstars too!
by purplelizardsyum August 29, 2008
A good team. Nobody really likes Dallas though, outside of Texas. They have terrible fans and located in one of the worst states in America.
Hockey fan: Shame the Dallas Stars are in Texas, otherwise I might like them. Wonder if George W. Bush is a Dallas Stars fan...
by bloodredrage February 11, 2011
By far the worst team in the NHL. There captain Mike Modano is terrible and hurt. Their fans think they are the greatest. They have a pathetic 2 Stanley Cups. They are the worst team in NHL history and I hope they never win again.
The Dallas Stars lost again and finished their season 0-82-0
by Peeweee March 02, 2007
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