pimper of hos since 1992. not a douchebag, and generally has good taste in music. sucks ass at guitar hero, and wretis badly. but he makes all the megans love him still.
cool guy with awesome sunglasses - wow, look that that kid. what a pimp of hos!

other cool guy with badass grillz - he must be a dakota.
by awesomesauce!!!!!!! January 30, 2009
A beautiful athletic girl that everyone loves, but she doesn't believe it. She is very independent even though she secretly needs someone to talk to. Dakota has a perfect ass. She has an amazing personality, shes your person to lean on or talk to, but you don't want to mess with her bad side, then she can be a bitch. Dakota is secretive, she is usually hiding something BIG. They dont like to share their emotions, they rarely cry and always put on a smile. She can be very insecure and dislikes compliments. She is a person that everyone loves, when she walks in all the guys go crazy and flirt with her, she denies and doesn't see this as true. She is very flirtatious, but she doesn't let many people in. So if you are close to Dakota, you are very lucky and better hold on to her. Overall she can make the perfect girlfriend or wife.
Guy #1: Damn whos that girl?

Guy #2: Thats Dakota, she is so hot and look at that ass!

Guy #1: I'd totally tap that
by athlete4life March 28, 2013
Strait up gangsta. He likes chillin and making people laugh.

Don't fuck with him or his Crew or you will be sorry. He's way tough and kills people all day. But really he's just a chilled layed back homie.
Dude That kid was fuckin crazy I think he was a Dakota man.
by Johhnyothan August 24, 2010
The worlds largest hell hole.
-"My parents are moving to Dakota"
-"you poor fuck.
by Brian McGuirk May 03, 2006
A guy who is a total romantic. He has vivid imaginations of how he wants to have a relationship. Always nice, possibly tall, but always too much in both those categories. Girls he falls in love with are few and far between because he wants the best relationship for both of them. He is so nice that he will often put other peoples' wants before his own. he will help others be happy even if he is on the verge of suicide. This guy is a kinda awkward guy to hang around with at first because he doesn't have much to say. But once you know him, he is a pretty fun guy.
Girl 1: That Dakota kid is so awkward...
Girl 2: Well once you get to know him he's pretty cool.
Girl 3: Yea, he told me about his romantic views. He's such a sweet heart!
by EluveitieGojiraAgalloch September 21, 2013
The most amazingly cool, Beautiful Girl anyone has ever set their eyes on. Usually lives quite a ways from people but that's ok, The drive would be worth it.

Often Times People named Jordan wonder If Dakota would like to Go to a movie one of these days? And hopefully this Clever way of asking a beautiful girl out works, Because waiting any longer to ask might drive him crazy

Dakota, Would you like to go to a movie with me?
Jordan - Dakota Would you like to go to a movie sometime?

Dakota - "(yet to be answered)"
by worth a shot July 13, 2011
Dakota is a very sweet boy who can be shy. He is very very kind to everyone he knows, and gives great advice. He will admit to liking someone if they show the same signs. Dakota loves music. He also has a somewhat dirty side, but that only comes out if he really likes you. He is a gentlemen and believes in chilvary.
Person 1: "Aw he is such a sweetie!"
Person 2: "He must be a Dakota."
by ang3lwithash0tgun May 18, 2014

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