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A beautiful athletic girl that everyone loves, but she doesn't believe it. She is very independent even though she secretly needs someone to talk to. Dakota has a perfect ass. She has an amazing personality, shes your person to lean on or talk to, but you don't want to mess with her bad side, then she can be a bitch. Dakota is secretive, she is usually hiding something BIG. They dont like to share their emotions, they rarely cry and always put on a smile. She can be very insecure and dislikes compliments. She is a person that everyone loves, when she walks in all the guys go crazy and flirt with her, she denies and doesn't see this as true. She is very flirtatious, but she doesn't let many people in. So if you are close to Dakota, you are very lucky and better hold on to her. Overall she can make the perfect girlfriend or wife.
Guy #1: Damn whos that girl?

Guy #2: Thats Dakota, she is so hot and look at that ass!

Guy #1: I'd totally tap that
by athlete4life March 28, 2013
someone who is stuck up, spoiled & non-grateful for the things she gets. she likes to get attention & act out of their age. many people feel as if she needs to calm her inner self down so she does not get hurt in her future life
girl 1: what is that dakota girl wearing?

girl 2: i dont even know she is looking like a 26 year old when she's only 16

girl 1: smh. she kinda looks like a hoe.
by x_nation69 December 02, 2013
the most amazing bestfriend anyone could ever ask for. Usually falls for guys with the name of Skylar. she's a lover not a fighter. Shes beautiful, but if you mess with her, your ass is grass.
that girl dakota marie rampy, yeah she's my bestfriend.
by YourWorstEnemyKatelyn June 05, 2011
A very round head, usually with it's own orbit.
"Did you see that man's head? There was a cat circling around it.... IT'S A DAKOTA!!!"
by Rumplestilkskinz January 08, 2012
Avery sexy and amazing girl who makes me want to be a better man. i love you baby. your man, greg
Tiffany:WOW,look at greg and dakota,they have evrything,i wish i wasnt such a skank bitch.oh well. im going to go have sex with fourteen guys....
by g dawgdd October 15, 2008
The name of a wannabe emo child that constantly texts you, even if you don't answer. Dakotas are metrosexual, even sometimes bisexual. They often wear emo jeans and constantly complain about nothing. Often says they are suicidal when they really won't ever kill themselves.
You see that depressing guy over there?
Yeah, he must be a Dakota.
by Antonio Cohen January 07, 2012
Self-ish, ugly, self centered, mean, annoying
Wow, shes acting like such a dakota!!
by errrpppppp May 24, 2011
A guy who will tell any girl he loves them and then tell them his feelings changed. He will break any girls heart just for sex and having fun in college. his feelings change every other day
Day one- Dakota says OMG i love you so much and i miss you so much your amazing will you marry me?
Day two- I dont really miss you anymore but god i love you so much
Day three- My feelings totally changed this aint working no more but i still cant live without you

Girl says-BULLSHIT goodbye!
by afwkid July 17, 2009