Pulling a dakota, or a reverse datoka comes from an overconfidence or underconfidence when finished a test. Pulling a Dakota can also be used in other situations when someone thinks that they did good, but in reality they failed. A reverse Dakota occurs when you think you failed, but then you do great. Other types of Dakotas are a Bang-On-Dakota (when you guess correctly), and a Miracle Dakota ( you guess you get 100%, and you get 100%), a miracle Dakota hardly ever happens and is very rare.
Yo, guess what.......I think I aced that test..........Oh nevermind I actually got 15%.

Hey I think we are going to destroy that team in hockey.......Oh wait, we got beat 10-0

(reverse Dakota) I hate my life, I think I failed that test, my parents are going to be mad!........Oh wait guess what, I aced that test, in your face!
by Math Class Terms May 27, 2011
Top Definition
someone who has been mostly very kind to people and hasnt been given the fairest chances. is very caring, sweet, and notices all the good things in people.makes people feel comofortable and free to be themselves. is loved by everyone but maybe not always for the ways wanted.
wow that kid is so nice and i love him, he is such a dakota!!
by your a secret of mine January 07, 2008
A great fighter,or athlete;unbeatable champion;sexy bodied person.
Rocky Balboa was a dakota!!you fought like dakota!!!
by Mr. Mcafee2 September 01, 2007
the alpha male of the human race, will steal your girl a beast with a monster cock that will destroy any vigina that he encounters... absolutely goregous with a huge cock
can get any girl he wants. makes people laugh, and hasa gigantic cock
girl 1: wow i just got fucked by that guy dakota, my vagina hurts
girl 2: ohh damm let me get his dick
by duesh man dart June 10, 2008
Really hot & fun guy. Usually sleeps during class or work. LAZY AS HELL! And has very dumb choice of friends.
Dakota slept during class.
by oljeg;sbg January 23, 2009
The best friend you'll ever have. Can be a bit quiet and shy, and a lot of people think he's awkward and weird at first, but if you take the time to get to know a Dakota, you'll have an amazing friend for life.
Be careful; it's easy to fall for a Dakota...
"Awww your friend is so sweet!"

"Yeah, he's a total Dakota. He's the best."
by DRDG January 09, 2012
A kick-ass kinda guy with a big, kick-ass heart. He knows how to treat a girl, but is sometimes too shy to show it. He was pretty much a dick in past life, but has changed and now is much less dick-like. He is overall amazing, not always the best with kids, though. He isn't always treated the best. Society has this little habit of underestimating and mistreating him. But he's still pretty damn amazing. So? Go for a Dakota? Hell yes! Oh wait...he's mine. (:
Guy 1: Why would you go out with him?
Girl 1: He's Dakota.
Guy 2: He's kick-ass at video games.. but I don't get why a chick would go for him.
Girl 2: Yeah. No kidding.
Girl 1: Wanna know what...he's pretty damn amazing and I like him a hell of a lot more than I like any of you people.
by Laalalalalala November 01, 2012
Extremely hot male with a nice body and good personality.
Also know as
"Boyfriend material"
Oh my gosh, That boy is so Dakota.
by you386 March 19, 2009
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