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the most amazing bestfrand anyone could have .. he saves me .. helps me .. encourages me .. gives me someone to go to .. he is simply ahmaze. he makes me laugh more than anyother person .. theres nothing in the world that we could find weird to talk about ..
he's WAYYY fuckin xooler than me ..
thats fuh-sho.
i know more about this boy than almost anyone .. (that i know of) .. and i know for sure .. that this boy knows more about me .. than my family does ..
hes too ahmaze to put into words.

theres THE definition of him. its true. it should be in the fuh-real dictionary.
( :
j: youhr WAY xooler than me.
d: as if!
j: i PROMISE! its in the DICTIONARY!
d: NO!
j: its OBVIOUS YOUHR XOOLER. youhr a dakota p. !
by Jessie Trousdale May 03, 2008
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