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a word for forgetting or you forgot so you replace it with "dakine"

"Who's that ? "
"Oh , that's dakine ."


"Who's that ?"
"Oh , that's watcha ma call it ."
by hahax123 April 26, 2009
40 20
Hawaiian pidgin

Term used for anything and everything. Typically used in quick speech when one cannot immediately remember a word
Ey try go grab da kine an bring um ova heah. No not dat kine da udda kine.
by kanakaman January 17, 2004
537 197
A slaughterhouse for cows, made popular by the Family Guy episode "McStroke." A play on the word "Dachau," a Nazi concentration camp.
Peter and Brian rescued a bull from Dacow, who later testified against the atrocities that occurred there.
by pbm19 January 15, 2008
199 20
Can mean anything and everything, kindof like a "whatchyamacallit" Mostly, it is used when trying to explain something when you can't think of the words.
Remember when we wen go to da kine's party, suck um up wit da kine dem and den da kine?
by kilikina April 19, 2004
201 72
A pidgin word denoting anything that you can't really think of at the moment.
1) Da kine is da kine, and dat's da kine.

2) Auntie wen crack me wit da kine, brah.
by Mono May 02, 2005
259 143
word originated in hawaii.
typically meaning anything that you are talking about at the moment
"go get the da kine over dere"
"aw howcome you so da kine today"
by damaged September 20, 2004
246 141
Used to represent 'It' in the Hawaiian Islands.
Eh, Can you hand me da kine (food)?
by Hawaiians January 18, 2003
164 165