releasing a chili mac and popcorn fart at nose level!
while scrubbing the floor at wal mart,i released a "daisy cutter",on a couple squatting to look at items on the bottom shelf!
by blackhawk November 13, 2004
Daisy Cutter is a generic term for a F.A.E. weapon, a Fuel/Air/Explosive, It is an air released freefall weapon consisting of two parts. Part one is a fuel container, usually filled with avaition grade gasoline, that is designed to vaporize the fuel upon impact with the target. The second part then falls in the center of the vapor cloud and ignites it. The result is that the intire area of the fuel cloud explodes. A typical FAE Weapon can kill an enemy soldier as far away as 3 miles from the point if impact, either by the shock of the explosion, or the emplosion air being sucked back in the fill the vacuum created by the explosion. Casualties have been found with pieces of thier lungs hanging out of thier mouths.
The FAE Weapon, also known as a "Daisy Cutter" is the most powerfull Non-Nuclear weapon in the world.
by Rob P November 11, 2005
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