a) an ice cream parlor in North America

b) a coolidiculous, non-misogynistic term for a lesbian female
most females who define themselves as a dairy queen in public are probably sarcastic about and are more like bisexual or bi-curious in private.
by Sexydimma October 01, 2014
(1) code for drama queen in order to confuse an already emotional and agitated being
(2) a wonderous food stand chock full o' dairy products from the magical land of "Cow Udder".
(Eugene is crying because he just broke a nail....)
Preston: Eugene, you know what's a wonderous, cool, dandy, exciting place to grab a hot dog ANNND an ice cream, DAIRY QUEEN!
Eugene: ok thanks bub
Preston: sorry if i confused you so get some medication *walks away*
by bonnet August 23, 2006
Mamories, tits, breats, boobs, another way of saying a woman has ginormous fucking tits!!
Jesus man, look at the dairy queens on the whore!! Their fucking ginormous!!
by kilo March 23, 2005
A dairy queen is a homosexual man with an unhealthy obsession with female breasts.
No one ever questioned the fact that Bill was a homosexual, yet we all found his obsession with fondling the breasts of his female friends peculiar. Grazes, motorboats and gropes... it was clear. Bill was a "Dairy Queen" if there ever was one.
by Carl Jeppson January 04, 2014
a lactating MILF who gets fucked on a regular basis by an assortment of cocks.
John fucked a dairy queen last night.
by Ailing Vomit April 23, 2010
When in the process of taking a dook, you swirl your ass in a circular motion, creating an ice cream cone effect. However, it is not a true Dairy Queen without the trademark Dairy Queen "hook" on the top.
Man, I made the perfect Dairy Queen today. Luckily I had the perfect consistency.
by Nutztradamus December 12, 2010
dairy queen is a gay cow
i think your cow is gay she must be a dairy queen cause she only eats heyyyy
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 08, 2009

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