A word that Warren Spitz or Jason Richman would not know the definition of.
"yo that's some daink ass shit"...or more commonly used in situations like this...
Dude: Yo Conway, I heard you're grounded for a month niggah, that true?
Conway: DAINK!
Dude: Yo, u gots a date for prom?
Conway: DAINK!

Dude: hows the gpa?
by Kap March 17, 2003
gridleys hair
yo, gridley's hair is mad poofy today...its so DAINK!
by Kap March 17, 2003
daink can mean many things. Like My ass is very daink.. yo Mammas Pussy is Daink.. and what all black people say.. Jayme She was SLEEP!
by Mickio Lampester April 17, 2003
yo man DAINK, this shit is WAINK, ill DOINT you in the face, POINT you to the cross country race, DOITCH more like DAVITTCH, D to the AINK you son of a BITCHHHHH.
by killahcon April 04, 2003
word commonly used by homosexuals
alex: hey man, do you like girls?
Anthony: come on, daink no!!
by HETERO March 28, 2003
A word used to describe how alex kaplan shits his pants
Alex did you just daink your pants?
Yea. I laid a huge daink.
Yea, I am gay, watch me shit myself
by alex shits himself March 26, 2003
stupid ass word that all juniors say and it has no real def. so stop sayin it
"yo lemme daink with that girl ova there"

"lets go daink 2nite"

(dave pullito thinkin hes cool goin up to girls he hardly talks to) "DAINK" ( and walks away_

(answering c-unit) "daink...yea this is ___"
by a girl March 21, 2003
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