Alec Phillips and his mad droppage of classes
Me: Yo Phillips whats the Econ hw? O wait you dropped
by stone March 19, 2003
what was then is now what is now and what is not what was then.....

DOINT???.... more like JOINT!
Kap- "yo Hutchings your the dumbest kid at the lunch table again"
Hutchings- "DOINT..."

Kap- yo Con, hutchings left the table, looks like your now the dumbest kid.
by killah con March 18, 2003
it means fucking ass penis crap shit.
the dog just laid a daink in the living room.
by Noah Preminger March 18, 2003
its what you say after you finish sucking someones dick
Fag #1:(after sucking fag #2's dick)mmmmmmm that was good! DAINK!
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
WTF is going on here?!
your all n00bs....i pwn j00
dainkity daink daink daink
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
word used when one draws a blank and cannot think of anything to say.
Tolsdorf: Now alex, what is the difference between the molality and molarity of a substance?
Alex: dAINK
by GRIDMASTER March 17, 2003
An expression commonly used in suprise at our school when something unexpected occurs
Me: Doc Mandera just shit a brick!!
Stone: DAINK!
by Alec March 17, 2003

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