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fucking sexy i wanna marry this gyal
can be bitchy but worth it
boy 1: oooo who that
boy 2: thats daijah
boy 1:oo ive heard of her but she never talk to me
boy 2: because she wants the guy to make the first move
boy 1: how do you know that
boy 2: she choped my balls off last week
by Brandon Reid June 23, 2011
She is a very sweet girl, but also distant. She is the girl you love to want and want to love. Has a very friendly vibe about her and must i say a nice arse and boobs.
Random Dude: Who is that?

Me: That's daijah, she is sweet :)

Random Dude: Look at that arse!

Me: Me Gusta!
by hnkg June 06, 2011
A very pretty girl who can have a strong attitude and can be hard to handle in a relationship, tends to get annoyed over small things and usually is the first person to make a situation awkward, tends to have an "I don't care" vibe about her , can be selfish
Carl: you act like an Daijah !

Bill: cuz I don't care !!!
by Alllale July 03, 2014