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Something or someone that sparkles to impress
You sure are a dago dazzler with that outfit!
by Discussion group groupie February 16, 2012
Noun (plural): a multiplicity of official (or official-looking) documents, permits, passes, and/or letters of authorization, typically bearing apparently authentic governmental stamps, seals, and signatures, to be presented mostly by scientific expeditions from developed nations whenever challenged by local, often sub-literate, authorities attempting to impede their progress to extort monies or other remunerations in return for “safe passage” through a specific area under their control; the intent being to thwart such local tactics by implication of the threat of condign action from a superior governmental power should the papers presented be ignored.
"Suddenly our progress was halted by a group of armed men, but after a few tense minutes they waved us along, after Dr. Keller flashed his packet of dago dazzlers in their faces."
by Speedog December 02, 2009