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Particularly disgusting, unattractive, or undesirable.
"I had some delicious mushroom soup last night!"
"Ew, mushrooms are dag nasty."

"Did you see that girl at the club last night?"
"She was hot, but her friends were all dag nasty."
by Red Note April 09, 2007
Pure and utterly wrong or defiled.
Obi-Wan to Anakin(In "The lost Hope"): "You're just pure dagnasty evil, it's just a FACT!"
by Asa M. October 09, 2006
adj. an intense ugly, defiled
Luke to Darth Vader (alternate version)

"You're pure dagnasty evil"
by flux April 20, 2005
adv: really really really cool, or sick.
A: Yo, that beat was dagnasty awesome!
B: You know it!
by nipopo91 June 07, 2009
1. a positive adjective used usually to describe something of indescribable measure by comparing it to the particular style of music that used chords D-A-G and the atmosphere that surrounded it.

originated from the 1970's era when D-A-G were popular chords used in rock songs by such bands as the velvet underground.

2. a hardcore band formed in 1985.
"that song is dag nasty."
"this club is dag nasty."
by Thursday'sChild December 03, 2009
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