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what the fuck , but in a more confused manner
Hagrid: You're a wizard Harry
Harry: Dafuq?
by John T. Windhouser August 23, 2011
like wtf, its ebonics for what the fuck
dafuq do we have to go to school tomorrow?
motha fuckas need to get DAFUQ off my jock
by Elliot W. January 04, 2009
A small Middle Eastern nation, known primarily for the exceedingly complex dialect of Arabic spoken by its natives. When confronted by something baffling or incomprehensible, a common turn of phrase is to mention this country's name, indicating that the speaker is as confused as they would be trying to interpret the Dafuqian dialect. Compare "It's all Greek to me".
The primary export of Dafuq is falafel
by MISTER OWNINATOR August 16, 2013
A contraction of the phrase "what the fuck"; one that is commonly posted on forums as an expression of confusion. It is often said by people with no creativity, imagination or unique traits, who regurgitate this vapid phrase in order to "comically" display their sheer lack of humour/understanding towards anything even slightly out of the ordinary. (see normality).
A user, with no sense of self respect, encounters a slightly funny/absurd YouTube video and feels the need to comment.

-User: "Dafuq did i just watch??"

-EVERYONE ELSE: *Facepalm*
by ManSpider June 13, 2013
the ghetto text language version of WTF also known as WDF "what da fuck"

Used in a quick sentance if scared or suprised
Shane:(pops out of the dark with mask) Boo
Dee; DAFUQ man
by DeerSlayer July 05, 2012
Dafuq is a derogatory term and internet slang that originated from Confused Black Girl, expressing that something is stupid, in real words, the fuck?
Person 1: You can't go to that party!
Person 2: Seriously, Dafuq?
by Chinese Chicken Wing August 20, 2014