A amazing french duo who plays electronic music. They wear these amazing robot suits and plays the most unbelievable electronic songs in the world.
Tween: I love Owl City they make the best electronic music!

Me: Wow you've heard one single, they are trash compared Daft Punk!

Tween: They aren't that good cause I've never heard them on the radio.

Me: Well you only hear mainstream crap and Daft Punk is way better than any electronic artist you will hear.

Tween: I only heard Owl City.
by 182GreenBeatles September 12, 2010
In the early 90's, Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo said, "Fuck terrible music!" and created Daft Punk, the French-born Androids created by the will of the universe to change music forever. To distinguish themselves from other musicians of lesser importance, they clad themselves in metal and leather, and kickass helmets to boot. They created albums like Human After All, Alive, Discovery, and Homework. Then, in the summer of 2011, the infamous musical scourge DUBSTEP was created. Accompanied by the witch-harpie-dyke Skrillex, they plunged the world of music into a bass-heavy Hell, filled with a whole generation of club-goers that awkwardly nod their heads to the WUBWUBWUBWUBWUB and wonder how the hell they're supposed to dance to this shit. With Daft Punk seemingly gone from the Earth, it seemed that the future of music was doomed.

But hope came in the form of an unexpected ad during a 2013 SNL episode, when a 16-second blip of rhythm and funk was immortalized in the remixes on YouTube. Daft Punk had returned, with a new album called RAM and single set for April 19- "Get Lucky." As soon as the single released, there were multiple accounts of cranial implosion, comatose states of euphoria, and eargasms. It seemed that Daft Punk had taken the first shot in the war against Dubstep. The worlds of both old-school and new age wait with bated breath, hoping against hope that Daft Punk can prevail against Dubstep, and usher the world into a new musical era of funk.
Dude 1- "Man, I hate all these Daft Punk puns, they just get annoying."
Dude 2- "What are you talking about? Their new single was released on your birthday! It's like they created a song just for you!"
Dude 1- "Yeah, I guess they are Human After All."

Old Guy- "Back in my day, these Daft Punk guys were awesome! I saved a vinyl for my future grandkids, so they could know real music."
His 13-year-old bitch of a granddaughter- "Ew, grandpa, no one uses vinyls anymore. And I'VE never heard of these guys. But I guess if Skrillex can fuck a floppy disk and call it music, what have I got to lose?"
by alongwindedstoryteller April 21, 2013
v. To make something better.

This verb is based on a song made by the band Daft Punk, called "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger".
That guitar riff sucked when that nerd played it, but when the guitar was in my hands I ended up daft punking it.
by AvoJaifnNot January 03, 2010
A electronic music duo consisting of two frenchmen with sweet as fuck masks
Did you hear that new Daft Punk song?
by VoDkA November 10, 2012
As a verb, meaning to meet someone and "get lucky" on a night out, after the hit song of summer 2013
"Hey bro, I heard you daft punked with that fit girl last night, sweet!"
by triffic January 11, 2014
An awsome duo who write songs which generally involve repeating a single line over and over. No matter how many times you listen to a song, you're still astounded by it's genius every time.
Around the world, around the world,
around the world, around the world,
around the world, around the world,
around the world, around the world.

(this repeats for over seven minutes in the full version)
by Bretty April 27, 2005
Daft Punk is an amazing music duo from france. they wrote the original version of Kanye's stronger entitled harder, better, faster, stronger. and personally its much better if not just as good as Kanye's
Me- Kanye, you really should give more credit to Daft Punk for your song "Stronger"...

Kanye- why should i do that? i'm the best thing ever, i probably wrote that song subconsiously way before they did... if i had been alive the same time as jesus he would've put me in the bible... Kanye West ain't nothing to fuck with... yea i thought of that way before Wu Tang Clan too....
by Anne123455 September 19, 2007

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