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A word attached to any awesome thing.
-Yo, that new G-Unit album is hot daddy!
by Kayeman Lanes March 28, 2006
5 28
Also known as Biff or Corey this wonderful boyfriend takes extra special care of his sex kitten at all times.
Hey bad daddy, are you coming to Tacoma to see your sex kitten tonight?
by Wasabi_Gurly November 10, 2004
8 31
Redneck, hillbilly way of saying "father" or "dad"
If you are over age 8 and use the word daddy to refer to your or someone else's father, something's wrong with you.
by iowa dogg June 28, 2005
99 131
The one who takes care of his princess's every need, mainly technological and financial. The bane of many university IT workers.
Techie: What seems to be the problem?
Princess: It doesn't work.
Techie: How so?
Princess: I have ...
<Techie realises she has a virus>
Techie: Do you have virus protection?
Princess: I don't know, Daddy set it up.
Techie: Is there a ____ in the bottom right hand corner?
Princess: No, just the time.
Techie: I suggest you put a virus scanner on there.
Princess: I have to talk to daddy about that.
by KD5PBO March 02, 2006
21 54
Baby-talk word for dad. It is wrong for adults to call their father ''daddy''. Adults call their father ''dad''.
''Daddy'' is baby-talk.
by David March 06, 2004
47 81
A black man, often with a moustache or goatee beard.
Eddie Murphy is a daddy. (Some people call him Daddy Murphy.)

Harlem in New York is full of daddies.
by Kevin Fish November 09, 2003
15 48
...touches me at night. Seeking bedtime stunt-double.
Will pay in candy...and tears.
by AflacJack May 07, 2005
20 57