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A term used to replace any word in a sentence. The term can be used more than once in the sentence as long as the meaning of the sentence remains intact. To use the term in a joking manner use it in an absolutely ridiculous situation or use it far too many times in a sentence.
The term can also be used as a greeting or to say goodbye.
Originated from The University of Iowa
Replacing a word in a sentence:
Daddy me that remote. (Pass me that remote)
What are you daddies doing? (What are you guys doing?)
Toss me a daddy. (Toss me a beer.)

At the end of a conversation:
Friend 1: Okay well, I have to get to class.
Friend 2: See you later buddy.
Friend 1: Daddy.
by HerkyHawkeyes March 28, 2013
George Bush Sr.
Daddy was on the front page of USA Today this morning.
by SixiLiX December 26, 2002
An bisexual or homosexual man who is sexually attracted to younger men. The term can be used affectionaly or in sexual role playing. The Daddy is often paired with a Boy or more. Typically the Daddy is the more aggressive, dominant male of the two. Similar to Sugar Daddy Age may or may not be relivant to the Daddy or Boy.
"Who's your Daddy?"

I'm a Daddy's Boy.

I'm out looking for a Daddy tonight.

Will you be my Daddy?

Oh, ooh, Daddy buy me that cockring
by usarmymutt September 22, 2005
top of the line, boss , the best of the best, and adjective used to describe something that just can not be described
now that is a DADDY car!

he owns this DADDY house...!

i am so DADDY
by s-lo February 12, 2009
a word you use to say whats up to somebody the same way when you use son
person 1: whats good daddy
person 2: chillin
by dymeind October 15, 2004
a nickname for anyone usually to get attention or just to be comedified
daddy would you like sausage

later daddy
by C0BEX October 06, 2003
Nonfaternal guy that raises girl.
Kicks biological father's ass every now and then. May be having sex with girl but she loves him or enjoys it so much he never gets in trouble for it even after her family finds out. Etc. Etc. Etc.
by Him February 22, 2003
Mr ML the Gimp who ties people up in his dark dark attic
no daddy no, whack how du u like that son!
by Wesy November 18, 2005