Is a term to describe a large female clitoris. A clitoris that resembles a small penis rather than a clitoris. A "daddio" is a typical feature of female body builders who have low body fat an increased levels of testosterone.
I saw this girl in a movies and she has this big daddio clit!!
#clit #bodybuilder #clitoris #button #muscle girl #workout #pencildick
by Allaboutgq November 13, 2011
Top Definition
'50s version of what dude is now. Today it is barely known and lies almost completely forgotten amongst all the other odd words thought up, used and then thrown away and only used by weird people that can't let go.
Guy 1: He's beep-boppin' and skatin' and I'm loosing it!!!

Guy 2: Stay cool daddio.
#dude #guy #male #man #boy
by Drake November 12, 2005
Daddio a legendary mythological last name of a small group of individuals with an origin from Santa Maria Vica,Italy. Once these individuals leave this area they gain super Human powers similar to that of Super Man after leaving his home planet. They are also known for there incredible hottness and charm.
WOW. Who is that hot guy walking down the Street that must be Daddio.
#hot #strength #speed #intelligence #funny
by Dad-dio December 15, 2005
(n.) a male. Same definition as dude
Surf, daddio, surf.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 01, 2004
Person trying to be the coolest human alive but screws any and everyone over to get there. Uses people as tools to make oneself appear cooler than they are. Term only used with respect by children who don't know the truth of a Daddios true character.
That daddio would be nothing but a loser if they didn't have people they could manipulate, use and step on. At least daddios kids don't know what daddio has done or they wouldn't respect that POS daddio either.
(Least daddio has them fooled... For now)
#abuser #two faced #douche #manipulator #controlling
by Chocolatebutter March 07, 2014
a pompous jackass who is completely and totally self involved
Wow, look at that daddio he's a total prick.
#dick #asshole #jackass #prick #poser
by bball133333 February 12, 2006
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