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"Dad gummit" is a very simple thing to explain.
First, you use reverse dyslexia for the first two letters in each term.
"Gud dammit".
Then one simply fixes the first term by changing one vowel.
"God dammit".
And there you have it.
by Jacobo Waffle April 21, 2009
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dagnamit, Humorous, less profane variation on damnit.
Wipe your nose, dad-gummit.
by Reuel Titus October 21, 2003
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means "Shoot" or "Shit"
Well Dad Gummit anyways, I cant find my keys.
by Robert Pitts March 27, 2005
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To be bothered, aggitated, annoyed, or any other "I just shit my pants" attitude.
Dad-gummit I just cleaned that damn shirt!

Dad-gummit this should not be such a trivial meaning! It's original as the idea of religion. It simply means "I sure as hell did not want "this" immediate outcome." Shit! I mean, dad-gummit!

by getcates July 08, 2012
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"gumming" something was a reference to chewing on something, popularly it used to be a reference to toothless old hillbilly men arguing with each other. Today it's used as a term of disgust, along the line as, "oh, for Pete's Sake!", or, "For crying out loud!". It's proper use is more along the lines of, "shut up!" as in, "go chew on something to keep your mouth busy so you're not bothering me."
"Dad gum it and leave me alone." (Dad-gummit, leave me alone!)
by Alastonia Dubhlinn October 13, 2006
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What you say instead of "dammit" if you're a huge fagbate and fuck little boys.
The bathroom is closed, dad-gummit.
by JayBone January 06, 2005
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