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The replacement name for "bro" to call your best friend of whom you have a fatherly bond.
Guy number 1: "Holy shit, Dad! That was the best trick mcthing I've ever seen!"

Guy number 2: "Thanks, son."
by EspritDC August 30, 2011
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What a black man isn't
Are you a dad.

What's a dad?
by Ryanh24 May 19, 2014
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A person who will always love and care for you. They will express their love through higs and kisses, arts and crafts, and just being there for you. No matter what happens, know your dad loves you.
I love you, Dad!
by peacesingguitar January 17, 2014
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The guy who is supposed to be there for you. Not the guy who hangs out with his friends getting drunk all the time, going to bars every night, getting in jail, saying he doesn't give a fuck. Thats why i call Kellin Quinn my dad. Yeah, i may not know him personally, never even met him, but i can tell you that his music, sleeping with sirens, even closer 2 closer, helps me get through it. It gives me hope. I need to meet him one day, and tell him what his music means to me.
Them:"Hey Kellin Quinn"

Me:"Hes like my dad, his music raised me"
by The Girl Who Could Fly July 28, 2013
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The reason why you were born
Man if it weren't for my dad being horny with my mom i would have never been born
by Freeman1999 July 16, 2013
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A hipsterword for their main drug supplier, usually coke....You have "dad" status when the smaller dealers and the entire hipster scene all depend on their dad for their supply and revenue. Most people in the hipster scene are not aware their dad's identity.....
hipster-"Yo bro, you got any pepsi bro?"

dealer-"nah bro I gotta see dad later today bro"

Hipster-"word bro let me know!? I NEED to score before the show tonight!.... Bro!"
by Mr MoJo RiSiN December 06, 2012
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Drunk And Desperate. A text message sent to an easy going area code chic who's always ready to take what's on the menu.
Mark: Hey man, been sippin up whole day, lets go look for some gimme girls.

Luke: Yeah cuh, I just sent Suvvy a D.A.D text and she's like hell yeh c'mon over :D
by Meshberg December 02, 2010
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