Dumb-ass Dispatcher
A public safey radio operator. They are everywhere. They don't seem to have common sense!!

Cop: Can you check one by name and D.O.B.?
D.A.D.: Go ahead
Cop: Teresa Blow 01-10-1910
D.A.D.: Can you spell Teresa?
Cop: There are only two ways! Figure it out D.A.D.!!
by dolga January 14, 2010
Day After Drinking Shits
The horribly held together feces that erupts out of the anus the morning after a night of heavy drinking. These "DADS," usually comprised of mostly water and loose turd wannabes, are not pleasant and represent one of the many downfalls of drinking that one experiences the day after. A DADS ceremony can be held in the early morning til the dwindling hours of the evening...if one has the strength and courage to imprison a DADS for that long. To experience a DADS first hand, there are only two things one must do. Eat a healthy, carb-and-protein-filled diet and drink lots of mother nature's divine gift, alcohol.
*two roommates are sitting in their dorm room playing a casual video game of FIFA 15 when all of a sudden one stands up..

Roommate 1: "Dude...I'm about to have a DADS"
Roommate 2: "Good luck my friend."

*roommate 1 sprints out the door.
by Idontfunkwithyou February 20, 2015
A person who will always love and care for you. They will express their love through higs and kisses, arts and crafts, and just being there for you. No matter what happens, know your dad loves you.
I love you, Dad!
by peacesingguitar January 17, 2014
the stuipid asshole that sits on his ass all day and makes you his slave while he just plays fallout 4

and gets pissed off from the stuipidest reasons. he says he "loves" you but that is obviously bullshit because he throws orange peels at you and goes over to you and farts really loud and then blames you on it and makes fun of you ALL the time.
SON UNCLOG THE TOILET!!! dad pissed off
k dad dont hurt me unclogs toilet
how did you do that? says dad
by sinister wuff July 17, 2016
The fuck you looking up Dad for? You should know what a Dad is, you stupid fuck. Quit being a dumb-ass, y'all know what a Dad is.
Loser: "Gee-Hee i look up what a Dad is since i do not know hurpadur
Normal Person: "You got a fuck-ton of stupid in ya brain if you don't know what a Dad is"
by Flamingbutthole June 20, 2015
The world's greatest man alive, your father! He always is there for you, and will no matter what, he'll love you forever. Even if you do the dumbest things..
I love my dad a lot. He's the best.
by TheTrooof April 11, 2015
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