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member of the fucking awesome HU or Hollywood Undead
What! yo This is Da Kurlzz bitch!
We aint just a gang motha fucka, but a way of life!
by Crysis October 31, 2007
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Da Kurlzz is the greatest screamer ever to live! He is one of
the most talented members of the best band you have ever
heard: Hollywood Undead!!! He does all of the screaming in
the band and there is no one better! His mask is white with
two sides to show his two personalities.
What!? Yo this is Da Kurlzz bitch!
We ain’t just a gang mother fucker,
But a way of life! Yo check it!
This is my boy! Tha Producer!

(Da Kurlzz in the song Scene for Dummies)
by Beastly4 July 12, 2009
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Member of the band Hollywood Undead. He wears a half smling have frowning face and he constanly gets made fun of by all the other band members. He also loves the word bi***ez!
Charlie Scene: When I say Da Kurlzz, you say Fa**ot.
:Da Kurlzz!
Audience: Fa**ot!
by KristinHU4L June 14, 2009
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