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either why the fuck or what the fuck
da fuck you do that for?

da fuck you doing?
by mike b. January 06, 2005
usually used when something is so outrageous that what the fuck no longers shows how outrageous that said something is
bob- sally hunnie i cheated on yu with a prosistute and yu might have herpes

sally- DA FUCK
by yamomzonmylap February 18, 2010
When one witnesses something so outrageous that there is no time to complete the sentence. Also used for emphasis on "fuck".
Boss: Do you see that sketchy guy covered in dust walking towards the store with surgical gloves on?
Worker: He best not be coming in

*Man walks in*

Boss: Well, I gotta go
Worker: Da fuck?!?!
by DJ Timyo Fr33flo September 17, 2011
What the HECK?
what in the world?
short form of "What the fuck?"

commonly used when trying to understand something incomprehensable
Ikurama Masato the foreign exchange student from japan read the newb's post in the forum / chat room and proclaimed "da fuck isu hi tarukin abaato? yuusu riaru engirishu idiato!" and promptly began typing his insulting reply.
by Haberdasher April 06, 2005
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