1. only said by the coolest people around
2. another term for the shit
1. damn that song is da shiz
2. i am da biggest shiz around town.
by bitch March 06, 2005
Top Definition
Only used by stupid white suburban kids that think they now are a thug.
Do you want to go to the water polo game on saturday?

Fo shizzle ma nizzle
by stupid white suburban kid January 07, 2005
Simply the BEST!

Could be said.. "Da Shiz"
But when you know for sure.. "Dashiz"

Simply put.. "The Shit"
This relates to my ride... "Damn, he must be the bomb... his license plates say 'DASHIZ'"

Keep an eye out for my ride.. lata'
by D Dizzle December 23, 2003
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