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Da Ru - pronounced "Daah-Roo"

South American Street slang for "devil". Commonly used by guys to describe girls who have rejected their advances ;)
La muchacha es malvada, ella es un da ru! Da Ruuu muchacha!!!
by Pabz G June 07, 2005

Slang word for Devil/Satan in South America
Have you seen the DA RU?

Do you believe in DA RU or Angels?
by Stephano Del Pinto June 04, 2005
Da Ru means Devil in slang Peruvian. My small urban village refers to Devilish acts as doing what Da Ru likes
Da Ru is king of evil.

He was under the influence of Da Ru when he committed the horrendous crime..
by Stephano Del Pinto June 06, 2005
A indian slang refering to Whisky, Beer, Crown Royal and everything that gets you drunk :)
desi 1: gwan gwan my youts?
desi 2: what u doings?
desi 1: i..
desi 2: what u doings?!?!?
desi 1: i was..
desi 2: look like bery nice jou are :)
desi 1: i drink the daru ju know get drunk ebbaraday :D
desi 2: ja mon battimon ja mon
by Jackinder[51m] April 30, 2004
dickhead, retard, a completely stupid person.
damn that dude just shit himself. he's so Darus
by Johny Walker III September 19, 2007
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