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Literally means "Give me the candlestick"
used in Puerto Rican slang to mean "fuck me up the ass"
by LaMaMiChULa April 01, 2005
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"Dar candela" literally translates to "give the candle/fire." It's used in Puerto Rican slang to describe being given or giving a hard time.

SN: I'm Puerto Rican and have NEVER heard it used to reference anal sex though I can see how it'd work.
"Da me candela" would mean "Give me the candle."
"Este nene me esta dando candela!" would mean "This boy is giving me a hard time!"
"Si ella no me deja quieta, le doy candela!" would mean "If she doesn't leave me alone, I'll give her the fire!"
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by BoricuaMami1159 April 23, 2017
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