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Chinese slang for a handjob applied to a male, not necessarily by himself. Applies equally well to solo masturbation, or to masturbation by another.

Literally means "hit plane", although the lack of articles in Mandarin Chinese may cause some confusion.
1. "Neige xiaojie hen lihai o! Zuotian wanshang ta gei wo da guo liangci feiji, hai you gei wo koujiao. Zhende meixiangdao!"

Translation: "That singsong girl is amazing! Last night she jerked me off twice, and then gave me head. Unbelievable."

2. "Ben La Din hen lihai o! Wu nian qian, ta zhiyao da feiji liangci, jiu neng yinqi Meiguo-Afuhan dazhan. Zhende meixiangdao!"

Translation: "Osama bin Laden is terrible! Five years ago all he did was hit two planes, and that caused the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Unbelievable."
by HMB September 15, 2006

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