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A.) someone who freeloads and gets of scott-free without having to pay for everything. Derived from the expressing "fat rat in a chees factory"

B.) a person whose rolling in dough
A.) Man, we ordered the 5-5-5 deal and home boy Darious didn't put in a cent, but he still ate like a king! he be da fat rat wit da cheese

B.) Man, i'm gonna be a gangsta rappa, yo! Den i'll be da fat rat wit da cheese!
by gigi23 March 31, 2005
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the name of an album by Lil' O from Houston
i'm lil' o, da fat rat wit da cheese, a little nigga that push a big body V
by robdog073191 May 04, 2005
Some rapper from the '90s, only track I can remember is "back back"

i know this def sucks, but its the only one so live with it!
The last time I saw Da fat rat wit da cheese's video was 1997
by agentsteve January 12, 2005

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