Someone is "da cheese" when they are a really cool person.
Zane is da cheese.
by Zane Smith April 06, 2004
Top Definition
the big ugly yellow school bus
Can I get a ride from home from school with you? Cuz I don't want to ride da cheese...
by Vannecia March 24, 2005
An odd and funny nickname, used by several gamers in multiple online games. It first used on the Counter-Strike 6.1 from one of the NMW guild members during the beta testing. Due to his anorthodox and funny way of gaming, the nickname is preffred by gamers who enjoy mostly the funny side of the game than the win itself.
cheese in short for, dacheese
by M_N_S December 30, 2010
reffering to money
nigga please, that fools got da cheese.... the origins of stinkin rich... cheese smells
by leeelo October 23, 2005
Something is "da cheese" when it smells really bad
dude, your flatuance is da cheese
by SwissCheeseMan September 20, 2004
What a baby says when learning how to ask for a piece of mozzerella.
"...da cheese! ...da cheese! I...wa..daaa...cheese!"
by Not-gonna-tellya April 22, 2005
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