Harrisburg, PA, a hardcore city known for having a lot of drugs, money, bitches, and guns.
Niggaz come to da burg thinkin' their shit's sweet, niggaz leave from da burg in bags or six feet deep.
by Nick D September 09, 2003
That would be St.Petersburg Fl, tha dirty south if ya dnt kno bout da burg ya dnt kno bout shit
ay nigga its goin down in da burg
by ~melanie~ September 12, 2006
tha derrty bottom of tha map, St.Petersburg, FL!! rep tha bay! NEHI til I die.
Jordan: Yo cuz I'm comin' down to da burg 2nite for that Devils Rays game.
Smokey: Fo sho cuh, there's a keggar 2nite too, holla at me when ya reach da burg kid.
by J-DuB11 September 27, 2005
Infamously known as the southside of Saint Petersburg, Florida. Most other states that have a city who's name ends with a "burg" sound such as Pittsburgh try to use the name "da burg" but it orgionated in Saint Petersburg, Florida.
Craig: whats good cuz, where the weed at?

JJ:We can go on oak street but I heard Da Burg got that fire!! Lets go there!

Craig:Whoa Whoa, You mean Saint Petersburg??


Craig: You mean the southside Saint Petersburg??

JJ: Yea whats the problem??

Craig: You can go by your damn self , them dudes is wild down there!!!
by I'll never go there again!!! August 19, 2008
Newburgh, NY
I'm goin down to da burg to find me some chickenheads!
by milton July 15, 2003
Reynoldsburg Bitches... slews r' us
we got chicks who give intructional courses on giving head.
by Leroy Jenkins April 02, 2005
As in the popular music writer Chris De Burg, listening to "lady in red" crunked up on stereo fo sure
yo homefry crank that da burg shit up and lets bouce in tha six fo.
by T to tha d o double g February 26, 2005
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