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a joy ride with friends where everyone in the car is packing a lip
the boys went on a d-ride after they bought fresh tins
by jm13 December 01, 2009
Verd; The act of driving/riding something such as a bike or skateboard.
My son Jeffrey learned how to dride a skateboard.
by Tuff Tom October 16, 2007
means "dick"-ride.
when someone says a comment about something 3 times. you respond by saying D-RIDEEEE, in a deep, manly/football voice.
*emphasis on the "i"*

you can stop it by saying "d-ride off"
lbg: "what are you doing?"
dumbass: "sharpening my pencil"
lbg: "what do you mean?"
dumbass: "like making my pencil able to write.."
lbg: "how do you do that?"
dumbass: "you sharpen it..."
by openfortheholidays December 21, 2008

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