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the male reproductive organ; penis.
"Girl, suck on this d-piece."

"I had this girl over last night, biddy slobbered all over my d-piece."
by Josh B. and Alexa R. March 27, 2008
A slang term for penis, Also known as "Dick Piece."
D: Dude, was that chick all over your D-Piece?
H: Hell yeah, fucking intense.
D: Dude. Score.
by scottishmetal January 28, 2011
The D-piece is an alternative term for a man's crankshaft. To be used with an insult.
Girl: Why are you such an idiot?

Guy: B**** suck on my D-piece
by demonstaint September 11, 2010
NOUN: Another name for a penis. Used when speaking about getting a blowjob or having sex. Also used to make fun of another guy if they do something bad or embarrassing.
I gave that girl the mean D-Piece last night.
After I finger blasted that girl she started sucking my D-Piece.
Yo Tom, you just lost again... Your really sucking the D-Piece.
by Markyyy Maaak October 03, 2011
The more commonly used vernacular for the phrase "dome piece" refering to a persons hair style or lack there of. When a persons hair is blown out and looks like shit.

Not to be confused with dome piece.
"Man did you see that dude's D-piece...what the fuck?"

"Nice D-piece"
by thesynic January 28, 2005
the human head; often referred to as your dome piece.
ok guys this bridge is kinda low so everybody watch your d piece.
by rube-dawg September 10, 2008
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