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When you have watched several movies/TV shows that all star the same actor, and you accordingly are sick of them. Their name is placed before the apostrophe.
A: Man, I;m really Mark Wahlberg'd out after watching Shooter, The Italian Job, The Happening, and The Fighter this weekend.
B: That's too bad I picked up The Other Guys for us to watch tonight
by Myself'd out February 03, 2011

Words related to d-outs

A way to say goodbye.
see also p-sauce
yo yo yo i got to go d-outs
by Solecon January 01, 2005
Douts are fag-ends, the cigarette filter if you will,
My mate leaves his fag douts in the garden and i saw the cat eat one
by Mr noneyourbuisness August 11, 2011
v. To extinguish a camp fire by urinating on it

Bristol dialect.
OK, time to go. Dout it boys!
by ilbat June 08, 2007