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to put up your defenses, your guard. Could also be used as a place over crowded like *this place is (deed) up*.
*d up bitch your about to get snuffed*

*damn b the place deed up*
by Romaineheart July 08, 2003
What's up, Similar to Sup (whats up) people say whaDUP.

A way to open up a conversation with swag.
Yo, dup? Haven't seen you in a while.
by Things R Heeten Up February 04, 2013
To give a blowjob or act slutty. To give head to anyone when intoxicated just to make people think you are sexually advanced and cool.
That chick d you up?
Yo, cmhere and d me up.
Dawg she always wants to d-up at every party.
by aksgnad June 04, 2006
Derivation from the word whadup, as in what's up/wassup. Quite handy when chattin.
A: "Ajo Ramooo"
B: "Dup"
by Amino June 07, 2004
Australian slang for the Downwards Uber Punch. Shortened to DUP, or dup, it is a type of punch achieved by balling up your fist and swinging your arm downwards onto a victims head or body part, keeping your elbow bent and snapping your wrist down as your fist connects with flesh.
I'm ganna dup the cunt in the balls!
by bionicvagina October 29, 2010
1)You yell d-up when you are on the block and only when you are the 1st to see the cops. You say d-up just to let everyone around you kno they are there.2) You can also call the cops D-Up too. Depending the situation could mean, "RUN"
1)"AYo D-UP the law coming up the one-way!"

2)"Thats D-UP over there in that parked taurus, with the tints"

D-UP D-UP D-UP.... If you dirty you should start walkin'
by Spoon from Philly August 05, 2010
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