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The best, The most awesome, or the Bomb!
Jack is d'shiznit at softball.
by Araxis August 01, 2005

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the bomb the shiiza the shisa the shit the shiza
another slang word for- the shit
the show is d shiznit
the show is the shit
by Mercedes Blah Blah August 16, 2005
good, great, excellent=d'shiznit
poppeyes chicken is d'shiznit
by jay-z-zizzle November 28, 2004
The license plate numba that B-Rad has off of Malibu's Most Wanted.... luv that movie!
I am looking for a license plate with the number of -sighs- D-Shiznit
by Allie July 05, 2004
the license plate letters on B-Rad's car in the movie "Malibu's Most Wanted."
This car is dshiznit
by Marty March 23, 2005