Death Ride of Death, what you call a particularly humiliating mountain bike ride.
Bill had his mountain bike riding friends join him for a DROD.
#mountain bike ride #death ride #gnarly bike trail #mountain bike trail #awesome mountain bike trail #i crashed bled and died
by surferkarl April 03, 2010
Top Definition
A dick, shlong, johnson, etc.
Yo, this chick was all up on the d-rod
by MoL4sho April 19, 2004
Highly braindead individual with tendency to act without thinking. Tends to waste money and resources on same sex partners. Blames other for ones doing. Has extremely microscopic penis with tendency to ejaculate within millisecond of stimulation. Loves oral and anal copulation with extremely hairy women, men animals and sea slugs. Has sexual fantasies with undersea creatures like patrick and spongebob.
Dude!!!. You were droding last night. That wasn't cool.
#stupid #idiot #brain dead #worthless #awesome
by khanster July 26, 2011
Indie puzzle game mixing dungeon-crawl with chess in turn-based fashion. Original game came out in 1997 developed by its father, Erik Hermansen. Later games in the series were made by Mike Rimer along with his team and CaravelGames members.

DROD stands for Deadly Rooms of Death.
"I heard DROD is the best puzzle game in the world."
"The best? Of course it is, it's DROD after all!"
#drod #puzzle #video game #independent #indie
by nokimmokin July 01, 2012
Somebody who is totally awesome and is usually the life of the party. Definitely not an asshole.

Also usually the person who helps you move or picks you up from the airport.
"Man, that dude sure is a D-Rod."


"I'm bored, call a D-Rod."
#awesome #fun #cool #party #handsome
by A D-Rod January 08, 2010
see sinitra
Derek is D-Rod
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
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