Brand of a chinese-made mid-grade airsoft gun made by the Boyi company. Usually available in the form of an M4A1.
"That DBoys M4 ain't so bad. you just need to tweak it to your liking."

"At least the DBoys has a metal body. That means I can swap in a Marui gearbox and stuff when it dies on me."
by Skidracer June 16, 2007
A notorious group of kids in Dunsborough, WA. The Australian version of The Bloods or Crips. Gained world wide notability when Danny Green and Roy Jones Jr. were seen creating a d and b together at a press conference. The hands go like so. db
I was at a party and the d-boys tried to fight me...

I saw the d-boys smoking dope yesterday
by c-moogs October 28, 2009
Street slang in the western Chicago suburbs for Dilaudid (hydromorphone). A strong opioid pain killer.
1. Man, I was so rocked off of those D boys the other night

2. That D boy had me sleepin yesterday
by yimmyTAYLOR June 16, 2011
boys from delhi like gaurav, nalin, abhi and ankur, who're your first friends in town. u hang together, cook together, go clubbing together, go sight-seeing together...and hopefully, remain friends always.
Hey Divya, what did u do for the long weekend?
Divya: Oh, I went to New York with my roomies and the d-boys.
by D.Iyer September 14, 2006
Police,or any authority figure with power to lock up or imprision.
Yo,G-money just got bopped by the d-boys
by G-Money December 13, 2004
writerFrom "POMPEY" who lived in Spain and revolutionised
graffiti where he lived by beating the system and being famous by "tagging" dboy everywhere...
writer:graffiti artist
system: tha POLICE
1- He dboyed the system

2- lets dboy that school
by tha original dboy September 30, 2005
D Boy/s are actually the nickname given to the US elite Delta force unit (Us Special forces)
The D boys are gonna' take down the building!!
by Unlimited Ammo August 01, 2005

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