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A notorious group of kids in Dunsborough, WA. The Australian version of The Bloods or Crips. Gained world wide notability when Danny Green and Roy Jones Jr. were seen creating a d and b together at a press conference. The hands go like so. db
I was at a party and the d-boys tried to fight me...

I saw the d-boys smoking dope yesterday
by c-moogs October 28, 2009
Street slang in the western Chicago suburbs for Dilaudid (hydromorphone). A strong opioid pain killer.
1. Man, I was so rocked off of those D boys the other night

2. That D boy had me sleepin yesterday
by yimmyTAYLOR June 16, 2011
boys from delhi like gaurav, nalin, abhi and ankur, who're your first friends in town. u hang together, cook together, go clubbing together, go sight-seeing together...and hopefully, remain friends always.
Hey Divya, what did u do for the long weekend?
Divya: Oh, I went to New York with my roomies and the d-boys.
by D.Iyer September 14, 2006
Police,or any authority figure with power to lock up or imprision.
Yo,G-money just got bopped by the d-boys
by G-Money December 13, 2004
writerFrom "POMPEY" who lived in Spain and revolutionised
graffiti where he lived by beating the system and being famous by "tagging" dboy everywhere...
writer:graffiti artist
system: tha POLICE
1- He dboyed the system

2- lets dboy that school
by tha original dboy September 30, 2005
Dumb/Drunk Bitch Of the Year
Ashley B = DBOY.
She is for sure DBOY this year.
by Lincoln High School November 15, 2007
D Boy/s are actually the nickname given to the US elite Delta force unit (Us Special forces)
The D boys are gonna' take down the building!!
by Unlimited Ammo August 01, 2005