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A highly versatile word with both noun and adjective forms. In the noun form, it is a derogatory expression often used between friends, and as an adjective, it is more often used to refer to someone being a poontang.
Dude, Craig, you are such a fucking dbag.
Man, Paul was being real fucking dbagish last night when he pussied out on shot for shot.
by Noor June 30, 2003
1. "that guy who thinks he invented the word d-bag is a d-bag."

2. "yo man, they've been selling the same d-bags on mt. vernon as long as i can remember."

3. "when i say d-bag, i clarify by repeating dirt bag under my breath so my friends know i follow a strict moral order."
by dave goat west phila October 10, 2006
Short for disease bag or donny bag; meaning totally revolting in action or appearance.
He wont stop making those disgusting noises.. he's such a dbag!
by I.J. August 01, 2006
To hit someone in the head or face with your D sized breast or breasts. Similar to T'Bag.
Tom: Dude you missed it, Angi just D'Bag'd someone.
Antoan: No, I didn't. That was me, and my neck hurts.
by Koyasha April 23, 2008
D-bag is slang for either the words "dick bag" or "douche bag".
A common example of this word would be "You know Messina? He's a real d-bag".
by Courtney Lynn April 29, 2007
1. douche bag(colloq.), esp. a big one
2. A traitor
3. A two-faced person
4. Turncoat
Eric is a D-bag...and a big one at that.

This was first created by me(Pete) while playing Tony Hawk Underground. The character Eric was referred to as an A-face. Then I thought, "Why not d-bag as well?" My brother and i have been using it ever since, and I have spread it to my friends.
by Pete Cothron November 01, 2005
a person who pisses you off
outta my seat D-bag
by Ralph Delasion November 07, 2003