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Short for douche-bag. Usually gets more of a rise out of people
Dude, your being a total d-bag...
by HooZen October 08, 2006
A scum bag, who doesnt show up for a meeting
Ryan Ayers is a dirty fucking Dbag, he sucks my nuts
by Homie G-dawg December 05, 2007
Conjunction as result of the nomunclature Don Bagwell thus producing the first letter followed by the first syllable of the last name.
"What's up Dbag?!"
by I Dare Not Say July 23, 2007
Short for dooche bag, used when adults of authority are close by.
You spilt orange soda on my dress you d-bag!
That d-bag Tim broke my guitar
by Brian2343 October 30, 2008
Abbreviated form of the plea: "Don't be a glutton!"
Friend, you have had way too much shrimp scampi. DBAG!
by Jim, who eats just enough February 25, 2010
A person who goes out in New Balance tennis shoes and is unable to to keep his feet together. Along with that you also have to send threating text messages, have a 250lb girlfried(Also has to be a Hillbilly). Symptoms of a D Bag are, big and dumb, weird goatees, Bipolar, control freak and other douche baggery actions. Man tits as well.
Jeff is such a D Bag. If you could of been anymore of a D Bag he would be sent to jail for being a d bag.
by Fat chance 72 April 05, 2009
shortened word of dousche bag. Also known as faggot or queerbag.
Man, you're such a fucking dbag.
by Leggger August 07, 2008